International Student Research Forum

The Social Pedagogy Department’s tutor and student success at the International Student Research Forum (TDK) in Marosvásárhely

Some tutors and students of the Socail Pedagogy Department of the Eszterházy Károly College took part in many events during the 3 days conference organised by the Faculty of Technical Engineering and Humanities of Sapientia EMTE University in Marosvásárhely, between 14th and 17th April.
At the II. Public Health Conference named Health and Lifestyle, Dr. Ágnes Ludányi had a plenary lecture titled „Change and Stability".
Dr István Szilágyi also held a lecture with the title „Teaching the elements of rational emotional therapy (therapy and outlook on life). Both of them were tutors in the Erasmus Teaching Programme.
Furthermore, Dr Ágnes Ludányi had a negotiation about the cooperation between the 2 institutes' Romany Faculty.
Our students, Dorina Demény and Vanda Papp, took part in the Student Research Forum. Both of them had a high quality lecture gaining the recognition of both tutors and students present. They got the special award for their work. (Ranking was shared between the local students as it grants them the participation in the Rumanian national events.)


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